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Destinations: Albany, NY,  Allentown, PA,  Appleton, WI,  Asheville, NC,  Austin, TX,  Bangor, ME,  Bentonville, AR,  Bismarck, ND,  Bloomington, IL,  Buffalo / Niagara Falls, NY,  Cedar Rapids, IA,  Charlotte / Concord, NC,  Chattanooga, TN,  Chicago / Rockford, IL,  Cincinnati, OH,  Clarksburg, WV,  Cleveland, OH,  Columbus, OH,  Dayton, OH,  Des Moines, IA,  El Paso, TX,  Elmira - Corning, NY,  Evansville, IN,  Fargo, ND,  Flint, MI,  Fort Wayne, IN,  Fredericton (Bangor, ME),  Grand Forks, ND,  Grand Rapids, MI,  Greensboro, NC,  Greenville-Spartanburg, SC,  Gulfport-Biloxi, MS,  Hagerstown, MD,  Harrisburg, PA,  Huntington, WV,  Indianapolis, IN,  Kansas City, MO,  Knoxville, TN,  Laredo, TX,  Lexington, KY,  Little Rock, AR,  Louisville, KY,  McAllen, TX,  Memphis, TN,  Milwaukee, WI,  Moline, IL,  Montreal (Plattsburgh, NY),  Newburgh, NY,  Niagara Falls, NY,  Norfolk, VA,  Ogdensburg, NY,  Oklahoma City, OK,  Omaha, NE,  Ottawa (Ogdensburg, NY),  Owensboro, KY,  Peoria, IL,  Pittsburgh, PA,  Plattsburgh, NY,  Portsmouth, NH,  Raleigh-Durham, NC,  Richmond, VA,  Roanoke, VA,  Rochester, NY,  Rockford, IL,  San Antonio, TX,  San Juan, Puerto Rico,  Shreveport, LA,  Sioux Falls, SD,  South Bend, IN,  Springfield, MO,  St. Louis / MidAmerica, IL,  Syracuse, NY,  Toledo, OH,  Toronto (Niagara Falls, NY),  Tri-Cities, TN,  Tulsa, OK,  Wichita, KS,  Winnipeg (Grand Forks, ND)
Beau Rivage Resort & Casino
 (228) 386-7111
 ---------------------Operated by Sun Country
Destinations: Gulfport-Biloxi, MS
Surinam Airways --- (Seasonal)
Destinations: Aruba*,  Georgetown, Guyana,  Paramaribo, Suriname
TUI - Netherlands
Destinations: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Destinations: Baton Rouge, LA,  Beckley, WV,  Charlotte, NC,  Columbia, SC,  Jackson, MS,  Mobile, AL,  Montgomery, AL,  Parkersburg, WV,  Tallahassee, FL
International Charters**
Airline Contact Terminal
TUI - UK --- (Seasonal)
 +44 (0) 871 231 4691
 +44 (0) 844 871 0878
Destinations: Birmingham, England, UK,  Bristol, England, UK,  East Midlands, England, UK,  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK,  Glasgow, Scotland, UK,  London-Gatwick, England, UK,  London-Stansted, England, UK,  Manchester, England, UK,  Newcastle, England, UK
Airline Footnotes
*Flight Check-in & Departure at Terminal A.... Flight Arrival at Terminal B.
**International Charters - Passengers must originate from the designated city.
***All Allegiant Flights will Now Checkin from Terminal B -- Please Note though your flight might be listed as Terminal A you will still checkin Terminal B and use Terminal B security. Then post-security you can reach your departure gate in Terminal A.
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